Requesting a Review

Preamble: These guidelines are consistent with the guidelines I use on my more established reviewing blog, FanSciHist. I have provided these guidelines because I want to be transparent, and I want us to be on the same page at every stage of the review process.

I am open to receiving requests to review books that meet the following guidelines:

  • Your book is available for pre-order (i.e. has a set release date) or has already been published and is available from major book retailers (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Chapters/Indigo, etc.)
  • You supply me with a copy of the book (OR direct me to it on a site like NetGalley) – ebooks are the easiest for me and will result in the quickest turn around, but I also understand if that is outside of the scope of your business model and you can only supply print.
  • Your book is in the Romance genre and has, as its central focus, a relationship between gender and/or sexually diverse individuals. I will read and review any subgenre. Please note that I will not review books written with the express purpose of promoting hate or intolerance towards gender or sexually diverse individuals.

Please only request a review if you can accept the following:

  • My review will be honest, and it will reflect my opinion of your book. In library science, we openly acknowledge that there will be differing opinions on the same work of fiction, and that those opinions are valid. I link the Goodreads book page to my review for that reason – so that people reading my blog can easily access other reviews. 
  • My review may also appear on NetGalley (if applicable) or Goodreads, and may be submitted to your publisher (if applicable and requested). In special cases, I may also submit a review to professional library reviewing bodies/sources. I will not typically post my reviews to book retailer websites. 
  • As a practicing librarian, producing book reviews is a professional activity, and my reviews are therefore written according to what I consider a professional standard.
  • This site will also include reviews of books that I have purchased based on my own reading preferences and that were not solicited by authors or their representatives.
  • My review may mention your previous works, if I have read them. My comments will be related to consistency of quality, writing, structure, etc. If I have reviewed your previous works, I may also include a link to my reviews of those titles.
  • My review will include a blurb/summary about your book as found on your website, your publisher’s website, the Goodreads book page, or as otherwise supplied by you. If there is no blurb/summary available from these sources, a blurb/summary will not be included. I will not create my own blurb/summary, as I believe that the book blurb/summary is a marketing tool and that its creation should lie firmly in the hands of those with creative control. 
  • My review will include an image of your book cover as found on your website, your publisher’s website, on Goodreads, or as provided by you. If there is no book cover image available from these sources, an image will not be included, for the same reason that I will not create a blurb for your book.
  • My review may contain spoilers. These will be, as far as possible, minor spoilers. However, everyone has a different opinion about what constitutes a spoiler in general and what constitutes a major/minor spoiler specifically. Please note that I typically include information about triggers, and these may be related to major plot points. Please see my “About” page, or any of my reviews, for the other content that I typically include and how it is presented.  
  • My review may point readers to similar titles that I have read, that I believe are of similar quality, and that I think other readers may be interested in. These books may not be your works and you may not agree with my choices, for a variety of reasons. If you don’t agree, you are, of course, free to let me know via email. You may supply me with your reasons and I will take your concerns into consideration. However, I will use my professional judgement as to whether or not I will remove the reference(s). 
  • I will not discriminate against either self-published or traditionally published books. My reasons for this are many, and varied, so I will not post them here, but feel free to contact me if you would like to know what they are. If you do not wish for your traditionally published book to be reviewed along side self-published books (or visa versa), then I encourage you to contact others to review your book. 
  • Finally, please note that I am employed full-time and have a young family, which means that reading and reviewing will often have to take a backseat to other considerations. That being said, if I agree to review your book, I will do so in a reasonable time frame. If I do not think that I will be able to produce a review in a reasonable amount of time, I will not agree to produce the review and I will tell you that this is the reason.